About Us

We specialize in managing survey panels and promoting blogs and running Facebook promotions.  Our team has developed technology to make promoting your websites easy to use and simple to implement.

Our goal is to help drive your blog or social traffic and help you earn money from people that are currently visiting your pages.

We hope that we can work with you and monetize your web property.


How much does it cost to host a One A Day Giveaway on my site or blog?

Everything is FREE! We design the material for you. And pay you for the traffic we receive through the Giveaway. It’s beneficial for you and your site visitors!

What benefits do I get from hosting a One A Day Giveaway on my site or blog?           

Hosting a One A Day Giveaway awards you and your site visitors in many different ways. You can increase traffic to your site and make a lot of money doing so. You decide the Prizes making it more appealing for your site visitors to take a survey to earn an entry.

If the Giveaway is also done through the Facebook page, we offer tab that includes both a Non-fan View and Fan View, requiring all who want to participate in the giveaway to be a Fan of your Facebook pages. If you are clever enough, you can dramatically increase your Facebook Fan base using this promotion.

How much can I make hosting a Giveaway?

50 cents a survey complete

Ex. 5,000 of your members take a survey + 1,000 join our site = $3,500

*There is the option to not recruit to our survey panel if you prefer to just run the survey.

What is in it for my site visitors or followers?

When a member completes a survey (join the survey panel = another entry) they are entered to win the Giveaway. You know your site visitors best. The more desirable the prize is for your audience, the more traffic you will get, so we leave this up to you to decide what the Giveaway is. One A Day Giveaways will offer a $ amount in Amazon gift card(s) depending on the amount of followers you have, However, we do allow you to choose to offer your own prize in addition to or in place of.

Each entry through the link is also entered into the One A Day Giveaways Quarterly Prize.

What does One A Day Giveaways offer as far as promoting the giveaway?

  • Email to announce the giveaway and promotion
  • Banner
  • Survey Link
  • Join Link if applicable
  •  Facebook Giveaway Tab (Fan and Non-fan Views)
  • Contest Terms and Conditions Page

* These materials are optional and free.

What are the surveys about?

The surveys they will participate in are conducted for businesses, the government, public bodies, and similar organizations interested in the views and opinions of the people who use their products and services.   They are looking for people of all background, races, age, and gender. Participating in surveys gives your members the change to share their opinion to influence the decisions these parties make every day.